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Hey STORYCHURCH! This is just a quick heads up on a few changes we’ve recently made at STORYCHURCH. I hope this helps clear up some things.


Last year we launched something we called “Growth Track.” Many of you went through some or all of our four part track and hopefully it was something of great value for you! Here’s what that included:

  • Chapter One – basically STORYCHURCH 101. We talked all about who we are, what is important to us, and how you can get involved.
  • Chapter Two – All the essentials you need to help you grow in your faith. How to read the Bible, how to pray, etc.
  • Chapter Three – We helped you to Discover exactly how God has wired you by taking you through some personality profile tests, spiritual gift tests, and passion assessments.
  • Chapter Four – This was all about trying to get you plugged in to our Dream Team in a way that was consistent with how you are wired and in a way that would be life-giving for you.



After doing this for a year we arrived at a few conclusions. We think it was a HUGE success in that most of our church made it through at least part of the Growth Track. But here were some of the challenges:

  • 4 classes was a lot. It was a lot for you all to go to. It was a lot for our hosts. It was a lot for those of us who were teaching.
  • Scheduling was difficult. We were having some issues scheduling host homes for every single Sunday. We were having issues scheduling child care consistently. When we did it later in the day (4pm) we found that it was hard for people to go back out again on Sunday. When we did it right after church we had to deal with lunch and naps for the kids.
  • It was confusing to new people. “Chapter One” or “Chapter Two” doesn’t tell me anything. It’s insider language that needed lots of explanation each time we talked about it.



In light of what we learned, we went back to the drawing board this summer and redesigned and reorganized our Growth Track. We made the decision to shrink it down, make it more manageable and more guest-friendly. And it got a new name as well. So here’s what we’ve come up with:

  • DISCOVER STORYCHURCH – This is our all new introduction to who we are. While much of the content is the same as the old “Chapter One”, we also made some significant changes. It’s shorter, a bit tighter on content, and more specific to who we are and what is important to us. This event will run the first Sunday of every month. If you’ve been through Chapter One, you don’t need to go back to “Discover STORYCHURCH.”
  • DISCOVER YOURPLACE – In this event, we have combined our old “Chapter Three” and “Chapter Four”. This is allowing us to continue to help people discover how God has wired them, and then provide more direct feedback and opportunity to jump right into serving at STORYCHURCH. The way we are doing this is also freeing up our team leaders from showing up every month for Chapter Four whether there were people to train or not. We’ve replaced those team leaders with a couple of “Coaches”, who will help people find the specific place they may fit the best. This event will run the third Sunday of each month. If you are already serving, you don’t need to go back through “Discover Your Place.”
  • DISCOVER THE ESSENTIALS – We want to continue to offer people the opportunity to learn some of the basics of growing in their faith. But doing it every month was a bit much at this time. So instead of offering it monthly, we will now offer it once a quarter. This allows us to beef this event up a bit as well, in order to cover some of the things we weren’t able to fit in a monthly class. “Discover the Essentials” replaces our old “Chapter Two.”

So there you have it. The all new Discovery Process at STORYCHURCH! We hope this will allow us to be more effective, keep our leaders more fresh, and to really make it clear and easy for new people to get involved. You won’t be hearing anything about “Growth Track” or “Chapter …” anymore, just these Discovery events. So if you haven’t yet been a part of this content, I would HIGHLY encourage you to jump in and see what you’ve been missing.


Jeremy Copeland

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