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Image converted using ifftoanyHopefully you’ve heard by now about our CHANGE THE WORLD campaign that we kicked off a couple of weeks ago at STORYCHURCH. Here’s a couple of thoughts for you as you think and pray about how you and your family might get involved.

  1. Changing the world is kind of a big deal. I worry that sometimes people might think we are overstating what we are doing with our Christmas offering every year. But then I think about the 1300 people who will drink clean water today because of past gifts from STORYCHURCH. I think about the kids who won’t die as young. I think about the fact that less kids are home sick, less are spending hours retrieving the cleanest water they can find, and more are attending school, and contributing to their families well being. How many generations will that impact? When I think about it that way, I realize that maybe we are understating it rather than overstating it.
  2. No one ever changed the world without sacrifice. When we ask you to spend less on each other and instead to give more toward something like a well I realize that for many this is a huge sacrifice. We’ve grown so accustomed to our Christmas traditions. Our kids expect a certain level of gift. Our coworkers and extended families expect us to do things “as usual.” I know there are probably awkward conversations where you have to say “actually, we aren’t going to do that this year – instead we’re giving to help our church change the world.” I know there are weird moments. Strange looks. I know you are bumping up against age-old traditions and potentially throwing the whole family gift-giving bonanza into chaos. But no one ever changed the world by doing the same thing they’d always done. It’s hard. It’s costly. It’s worth it.
  3. People who change the world find themselves forever changed as well. It’s kind of impossible to go back to spending the way we always have when we see how much of a difference we can make with our generosity. My car suddenly becomes a “3 well car”. That new computer is “half a well.” That vacation is “a well and half.” Or let’s break it down even further. The average well services around 400 people for $5,000. That’s $12.50 per person for clean water that will change their lives forever. All of a sudden, our kids can now see how their money is able to change one person’s life forever. Think about what that does for our kids to realize the impact they can have on the world. What a different world we will have when generations of STORYKIDS and others grow up with the belief that they can literally change the world one life at a time!

Sunday, December 16 is CHANGE THE WORLD Sunday at STORYCHURCH. That’s the day we will receive a special offering to literally do all we can to change the world. In the week leading up that we will open up an online giving option for you as well. I want to encourage you to keep praying, keeping talking about it with your spouse or your family. Let’s dig deep together. Let’s give like never before. Let’s find a way to do more than we ever imagined we could do. Let’s CHANGE THE WORLD.


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