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December 10, 2012 — 2 Comments

For weeks now we’ve been challenging our church to prepare for December 16. For us, it’s the day we’ve determined to Change the World. A couple of weeks ago I wrote this article, laying out the challenge. Today I want to show you more specifically what changing the world looks like.



Before we were technically even an official church yet, before we had even started having Sunday services, we gathered together and began talking about what it would look like to change the world. At that gathering we received an offering that ultimately became the first well STORYCHURCH ever funded. In 2010 a well was dug in the Central African Republic that serves more than 600 people today.


Our first Christmas as an official church we decided we would try and do it again. And so we all gave and this time were able to completely fund a well that was later drilled in Guatemala. One of our own actually went as part of the team that drilled the well. More than 350 people in this village benefit from this particular well.




Last Christmas we did it again. And in the late summer of this year the third well was drilled – this time in Haiti, where more than 400 people now have access to clean water. This particular well was drilled on school grounds and is primarily accessed by kids, staff, and the community directly around the school.


World Changers

So for those keeping score at home, that’s three wells and more than 1350 people who this morning took a drink from a fresh water well provided by a small group of people in Durham, NC.


So that brings us back to December 16 of this year. In just a few days we get to do it again. And unlike years past, this year we already know where this new well will go – we’re headed back to Guatemala. AND, for the first time, we will be sending the entire team that will physically drill the well and put the pump in the ground. Part of the money we are raising this year will go to subsidize some of the cost of the trip for those who will do the work of providing clean water. In addition to the well, some of the funds will help STORYCHURCH expand our reach into our city to see lives changed right here where we live.

So this is it! This is our chance to do something of LASTING significance this Christmas. Rather than buying that tie he’ll never wear, or the sweater they won’t really like, or the pre-packaged lotion and loofah set, why not join us as we literally CHANGE THE WORLD together!!!

Here’s how to get involved:

First of all, you can give. We would love to have you join us on December 16 at 10am for our service at Spring Valley Elementary School where you can physically give a check or cash made payable to STORYCHURCH. Be sure to write “Change the World” in the memo line. We will also have envelopes available for you. You can also give digitally on Sunday morning with any major credit or debit card. Or you can give starting TODAY online through our website.

Second, you can share. Share the link to this blog post on your Facebook or Twitter. Help us get the word out. Tell your friends what you are doing. Here are some sample tweets or posts for FB:

  • This year for Christmas I decided to Change the World, and you can join me! http://jeremycopeland.com/2012/12/10/lets-change-the-world/
  • Join me in providing clean water to a community in Guatemala this year. http://jeremycopeland.com/2012/12/10/lets-change-the-world/
  • All I want for Christmas this year is to Change the World. Is that too much to ask? http://jeremycopeland.com/2012/12/10/lets-change-the-world/
  • Dear Santa, you can keep the socks and underwear this year. How about water instead? http://jeremycopeland.com/2012/12/10/lets-change-the-world/

Finally, here’s the deal. You have the ability to CHANGE THE WORLD. Maybe for you it’s mentoring an at risk teenager, or contributing to an after school program, or maybe it’s helping the homeless in your community, or providing Christmas for a single mom. Take the risk this year to do something great. Invite your friends and family to join you, and let’s CHANGE THE WORLD together!!




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  1. Well done, my friend. (Pun not intended). It’s great that you feel free to enjoy the results of your labors in Christ, and that it spurs you on to even more. I hope you and your family have a great Christmas, Jeremy.

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