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December 31, 2012 — 2 Comments

I am convinced that if a person isn’t learning and growing they either aren’t having an impact at all or their impact will be short lived. So every year I set some goals for myself in terms of reading and learning. This year my goal was to read 36 books. Well, it’s time to pay the piper. While I didn’t quite reach my goal, I didn’t do too shabby either. Here’s the list:

  1. Money, Eternity, and Possessions – Alcorn
  2. The Cloak –  Gogol  // Master and Man – Tolstoy
  3. Pujols: More than the game – Ellsworth
  4. Built to Last – Collins
  5. Big churches getting bigger – Morgan
  6. Courageous Leadership – Hybels
  7. Gracism – Anderson
  8. Developing the Leader within you – Maxwell
  9. The Advantage – Lencioni
  10. Velvet Elvis – Bell
  11. The Fred Factor – Sanborn
  12. Simply Jesus – NT Wright
  13. IT – Groeschel
  14. Platform – Hyatt
  15. The New Traditional Church – Tony Morgan
  16. Real Marriage – Driscoll
  17. The Measure of our Success – Lovejoy
  18. The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make – Finzel
  19. You are a Writer – Goins
  20. Creating Innovators – Wagner
  21. A million miles in a thousand years – Miller
  22. The myth of a Christian nation – Boyd
  23. Greater – Furtick
  24. Fresh Air – Hodges
  25. God’s Politics – Wallis
  26. Deep and Wide – Stanley
  27. Love Does – Goff
  28. It’s Personal: surviving and thriving on the journey of planting a church – Bloye
  29. The 5 Levels of Leadership – Maxwell

Somewhere during the year I made the transition to mostly digital books. While I sometimes miss the feel of a book in my hands, I don’t regret it. I now have all my books right there in my kindle app and all of my highlights and notes are synced across all my platforms through Evernote. That means no more searching and wondering where that one line of that one book was (or was it the other book?) ever again. Everything is now searchable instantly.

I also learned that this much reading was a bit too much for me. Along with doing a reading plan to read through the bible this year, I found myself sometimes reading simply to check it off a list and get on to the next one – after all there was a rather aggressive goal to reach. I need to spend more time digesting what I’m reading and trying to take one or two key concepts or thoughts away from what I read instead of the “drink from a firehose” technique.

It’s hard to say what the “best” book I read this year was, mainly because I read many of them for different reasons. Some were for sermon preparation, others for spiritual growth, others for personal development. But I think the one or two books that I will come back to again and again are “Courageous Leadership” by Hybels, “Deep and Wide” by Stanley, and probably the one that will continue to shape me the most was “The 5 Levels of Leadership” by Maxwell.

So I’m already forming a reading list for 2013. Many of the titles on that list are re-reads. I want to go back to some of the books that shaped me the most and revisit them. What about you? What should have made my list this year? What would you recommend I get to in 2013?



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