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February 13, 2013 — Leave a comment

Hey STORYCHURCH, here’s the latest on our search for a new home:

Our relocation team continues to meet almost every week. To date they have called or visited more than 30 different facilities and are continuing to work on several more possibilities, with new places opening up all the time. It’s an exciting process of honing in on exactly the right space for us – one that meets our specific needs (parking, kids space, seating, staging, accessibility, visibility, etc.) as well as our budget. But our team is doing an incredible job. I had the opportunity to meet with them last week and they remain encouraged that the right fit is out there somewhere.

One of the questions that I want to continue to keep at the forefront of our search is this: Why move? It’s a great question. Below are a few of the reasons we think this is an important step for us:

  • Our current location has its limits. In some ways, our current location is sort of hidden. It’s in a new school in a new neighborhood. Many GPS systems have a hard time finding it. Explaining to someone where we meet is often a challenge, in fact few people have ever even heard of Spring Valley Elementary. It’s also limited in terms of growth. We are already maxing out our main parking lot, and the main room puts quite a few constraints on us as well.
  • Movement is unsettling, and that’s a good thing. While we will likely have a permanent home some day – chances are that this is not that day. There’s something beautiful to me about the unsettled nature of being a portable church. It keeps us moving. It keeps us innovating and thinking and creating and finding new ways to do what we do. It’s hard to believe that a three year old church could be settling, but sometimes it seems that STORYCHURCH is starting to settle and be comfortable. I want us to live in the discomfort of faith – constantly trusting God to do something unexpected. Moving is a chance to rethink how we do things, to reinvent and re-energize around a common goal.
  • People matter. We believe the message of Jesus is really good news. And we believe that there are thousands of people in our city that God has called us to reach with that message. We are willing to do whatever it takes to continue to grow and reach more people. The same reason you love STORYCHURCH and keep coming back is exactly why we have to share that with other people. If moving to a new location opens up opportunities to reach more people, then we feel like we have to consider it.

A couple of things you can do to help us out:

  1. Please pray for our team on a daily basis. Pray that the right contacts and the right people come along and point them to just the right place for us. Pray that they stay encouraged and find great joy in seeking God’s will for our church.
  2. Communicate with them. If you have any ideas of potential spaces or contacts that they should know about – you can email Jeff at



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