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Original GritI recently taught our church from the story of Jacob in the Bible. There’s this moment in Jacob’s life where he wrestles with God. Not metaphorically or emotionally or philosophically, but actual “get in the ring” and drop the people’s elbow type wrestling. It’s one of the strangest scenes in Scripture in my opinion.

There’s a moment in the wrestling where this divine being touches Jacob’s hip and injures him. And yet Jacob won’t let go. No matter what, he’s committed to holding on until he gets what he’s after – the blessing of God.

One of the most powerful things I take from it is this idea that an encounter with Jesus – I mean, a real wrestling type encounter with Jesus – it leaves us limping.

And that’s sometimes hard to accept isn’t it? Most of us want the blessing of God in our lives but we don’t want the limp. We don’t want to have to go through the struggle to get it. We don’t want something that lingers with us, changes us, and affects us moving forward. We want God to come to us on our terms, to bless us without the struggle and to leave us better off than when we first encountered him.

Jesus changes us. To follow Him is to be changed by Him. And sometimes that means we walk away with a limp.

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