Fear on the run

October 18, 2013 — 4 Comments

Every day we have ideas. They are thoughts of a new way to do something. Sometimes they start with “somebody should make a….” or other times they start with “This would be so much better if…..”

Very few of us take that idea to the next step. We generally say something like “I don’t have time for that” or “if I had all the money in the world,” but we all know that we’re basically afraid. We’re afraid to put the idea out there. We’re afraid that it won’t work, that others will laugh, or that someone else will have an even better idea. We all know that once we put the idea out there it will be open to criticism and someone else will start saying “this would be so much better if….”

About ten months ago I wrote this: http://jeremycopeland.com/2013/01/16/making-art/. And as I continue to work away on this book idea the fear is getting more intense. Lately I’ve come across a couple of things that were similar to my idea. Suddenly I have this thought that it’s not worth it. Someone else can say it better. It’s not original.

This is the point where you and I normally quit. We let the fear win.

So I’m basically putting this out there as a way to fight the fear. And you know what I think happens? When we face it, when we put it out there, the fear loses its grip on us.

So here’s a question for you – what’s your idea? Your dream? Name it. Say it out loud to someone. Write it. Or even better – put it here in the comments and let’s make fear run from us for a change.


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4 responses to Fear on the run

  1. Jeremy buddy, I will absolutely be the first to buy a copy. I want it signed by the author, though. :) Let me say, buddy, I’m so stinking proud to be your friend.

    • Wonderful post, Christina! I also love the doctrines of grace because "nothing in my hands I bring, simply to Thy cross I cling." God gets and deserves the glory from beginning to end in our salvation.Please enter me for the book. Love you, sister!

    • Hola Pepe. Acabo de hablar con mi amiga por telefono y ha visto que has publicado su receta del bizcocho con zumo de naranja, y esta preocupada porque se ha equivocado en la cantidad de levadura.LA DOSIS CORRECTA ES UN SOBRE ENTERO Y UNA CUCHARADITA DE POSTRE EN VEZ DE 1/4.Pide mil perdones , pero ya lo hara ella en persona cuando pueda conectarse.

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