What are you learning?

October 25, 2013 — 8 Comments

Seriously, just a simple question. What’s one thing you have been learning in the past week or two? Share it!


Jeremy Copeland

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8 responses to What are you learning?

  1. If you don’t take the time to talk to people, actively engage people, and try your best get to know people (at work, on the street, in the line at the grocery store, at church, online, etc.) you will never get the chance to know what challenges they are going through, or talents they can share with you. This means you would never get the chance to pray for them (specifically) or offer help / encouragement / hope, or see their talents. This works in reverse as well.

    This lesson has hit me hard this week. I need to be more open to engaging strangers and all the other folks I see regularly in my normal day-to-day life (work, church, public, etc.), regardless of it makes me uncomfortable to do so as a social introvert. This is my most recent lesson.

  2. kristen joubert October 25, 2013 at 2:28 pm

    I’m so much stronger than I thought; both mentally and physically. I learned this on Sunday during the hardest part of my 1/2 marathon. There was a man I ran with for a few miles towards the end (he was barefoot btw) and he encouraged me the entire time. I swear he was an angel. He gave me a lift when my mind was crashing and I couldn’t stop thanking him. There’s nothing like a race to bring a random group of strangers together as though they’ve known each other for years. Amazing experience!

  3. A little late to the party, but I have learned that my Fear is still bigger than my Faith when it comes to many things.

  4. God is teaching me to be a good steward of the precious time he gives me. Learning the discipline of solitude and silence and of honoring Sabbath. He is teaching me to rest and trust that the world will go on even if i dont get to the laundry or emails

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