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October 14, 2014 — 1 Comment


I’ve been wrestling for a couple of days with my thoughts and emotions. Sunday was the culmination of months of prayer, faith, stress, hard work and leading at a level I have never needed to lead before. And when I say hard work, I mean actual work – like with power tools. For the last few months I’ve been about 10% pastor, 20% organizational leader, and about 70% construction guy. So this last week all of that resulted in a day where we opened up the first permanent facility of STORYCHURCH and went from one service to two at the same time.

At the end of two amazing services on Sunday I basically collapsed into a heap. I struggled to keep it together as I wanted to cry, to cheer, to yell, and to celebrate. I’ve compared it to what it must be like to fall across the finish line of a marathon as a novice runner. You feel barely alive and yet more alive than ever before. I think the emotion I keep coming back to is pride. Not the bad kind of “look how awesome we are” pride, but the “I’m so stinkin’ proud of what we’ve accomplished” kind of pride. I’m so proud of our staff who stretched so far beyond their limits. I’m proud of our rising leaders who got their hands dirty and served alongside us. I’m proud of our teams who created new systems and processes for a new building and carried them out without a hitch for two services. I’m proud of people who stepped up to “attend one and serve one.” I’m proud of our brand new volunteers. I’m proud of those who invited friends and family. I’m proud of people who sacrificially gave and helped us to raise the money we needed to accomplish all of this. I’m proud of the way our church became a people of prayer as we did a 40 day prayer challenge together.

I think the coming days and weeks will be about catching my breath, getting my feet back under me, and probably beginning to look ahead at what’s next. But for now, I’m simply proud to be part of this amazing group of people.



August 12, 2014 — Leave a comment


At STORYCHURCH we’ve been working our way through the story of Moses and the Israelites. This week we caught up with them with the Red Sea at their back and the army of Egypt approaching them at the front. It was an impossible situation with no way out. And the people weren’t happy about it. They confronted Moses with “Was it because there weren’t enough graves in Egypt that you brought us into the wilderness to die?”

And that’s when Moses tells the people “The Lord will fight for you. You need only to be still.”

That doesn’t feel like much of a solution. It’s easier to do something. Anything. But to be still, to wait on God, to trust Him to come through in an otherwise impossible situation – that is hard.

The story moves forward as God parts the sea and makes a way for the Israelites to walk across on dry land. It’s an improbable solution to an impossible situation.

As a church we’re in one of those Red Sea moments. God did something amazing for us recently when He made it possible for us to purchase our first permanent facility. It was a miracle really – something we weren’t even looking to do. And so we extended ourselves, we took a risk, we followed Him out of one chapter and into the next. And now it sort of feels like He led us into an impossible situation. We’re too far out to turn back now, and yet at the same time without a real clear way forward. To date (August 12, 2014) we’ve raised just about 45-50% of the funds needed to complete renovations on the facility. And the clock is ticking. We have just about two months to finish the work.

My tendency in these moments is to freak out. It’s to rush into something. Anything. It’s to desperately do whatever I can. But I think in this season we need to hang on to this: “The Lord will fight for you. You need only be still.”

So we’re going to do just that. We’re going to spend the next 40 days seeking after Him together in prayer. We’ve purchased everyone a copy of Mark Batterson’s “Draw the Circle” and we’re going to spend the next 40 days together circling this facility and all the needs for it in prayer.

If you are part of STORYCHURCH I want to invite you to please join us. This is our moment. It’s our time to watch the deliverance of the Lord. It’s our time to see Him do the impossible. I think this is going to be the greatest time our church has ever experienced and I don’t want you to miss it. If you didn’t get a book Sunday we’ve got extras at the church building, or you can pick one up on Sunday and join us a few days late. Of course if you want to get it digitally you can do that as well.

Each day we’ll be posting reminders, thoughts and reflections from that day’s reading so be sure to connect with us on all your favorite social media platforms as well. I can’t wait to see what God does in your life over the next 40 days and in the life of our church!


Chapter Two

June 3, 2014 — 2 Comments

This weekend at STORYCHURCH we got to announce some incredible news – that after four and a half years of portable church, we are about to close on our FIRST PERMANENT FACILITY!

I’ll be honest, I never saw this coming. At least not right now. About a year ago we shut down a process of looking for a new location to rent (not buy!) and after checking out more than 60 spots, we couldn’t find a single thing that worked for us. Instead we recommitted ourselves to the community we are already in and really sensed that God was saying it wasn’t the time.

Sometimes God closes doors.

So then a few months ago we were approached by the remaining members of Fuller Memorial Presbyterian church here in Durham, roughly a mile from where we meet. It’s a┬áchurch with a 115 year history and a vision for the future that exceeded even that, surpassing the energy they had to give to it. That vision and that kingdom mindset resulted in a ridiculously amazing offer that we simply couldn’t refuse.

Sometimes God opens a door.

In the comparably short history of STORYCHURCH, it feels as though one chapter is wrapping up and a new chapter is beginning. In our world, it’s Chapter Two. And Chapter Two is where the inciting incident often hangs out. It’s the moment when the story goes to a whole new level and you either dive in or you put down the book and pick up a new one.

STORYCHURCH – I for one can’t wait to see where this thing goes and I’m PUMPED that I get to do this with you! It’s going to be an incredible journey and we’re just getting started.

Who’s excited!?!?