Save the date

August 22, 2014 — 1 Comment

We are so excited to be able to announce that Sunday, October 12 will be our first Sunday in our new facility and is therefore the official kickoff to “Chapter Two” in the life of STORYCHURCH.

For us as a church it’s a day that’s been four and a half years in the making. We’ve been so blessed to have a facility like Spring Valley Elementary School to call home on Sundays, but this next step will enable us to do more than ever before.

Like everything in life, change isn’t always easy. For us it’s not just an exciting new home, it’s an opportunity for us to stretch our faith and to grow our vision for what’s possible here in Durham. That’s why we’ve committed to 40 Days of Prayer together. That’s why we’re asking everyone who calls STORYCHURCH home to give generously to help us complete all the necessary renovations to our new home.

I’ve personally been praying circles around this new facility asking God to change lives, to rescue marriages, to place dreams in the hearts of all who enter. I’m praying for kids that will be mentored here, teenagers who will receiving a calling from God here. I’m praying for protection, for huge impact, and for hundreds and even thousands of people who are far from God that will learn of his love for them and learn to embrace the story they were meant to live.

If you’re a STORYCHURCHer, please join us in prayer and in giving generously to see lives changed (be sure to select “Chapter Two” in the dropdown menu).

If you’re in the Triangle and looking for a safe place to explore faith and be part of a community, please join us.

And all of you, SAVE THE DATE!! You won’t want to miss our Grand Opening on October 12, 2014!


2014easter_square400The morning after Easter for a pastor is like waking up after you played in the Super Bowl. You kind of have a fog about you, and sort of a question of “Did that really happen?” I know for me I woke up this morning with an awareness of God’s goodness and the amazing things He did in us this weekend. Yesterday was an historic day for STORYCHURCH. For the first time ever we had two services. We crushed our attendance record, we saw people come to faith in Jesus, we saw multiple people serving for the first time. Our teams were well prepared, they made each experience and interaction as fresh as the first, and basically the whole thing went off without a hitch.

It was the culmination of months of conversations and preparation and hard work, and to see it all go so well was an incredible thing for me. It never gets old to see people committed to a vision, committed to each other, and committed to serving Jesus.

One thing is for sure, we’ve got some of the most amazing leaders and volunteers on the planet. I really believe that every person who invited, who served, who gave, who prayed, who shook a hand and smiled – every one of us made a difference yesterday.

Thanks STORYCHURCH. You inspire me every day to keep helping people “embrace the story they were meant to live.” Thanks for believing in our mission, for sharing the load, for contributing your resources and time and talent, and for caring enough about people to introduce them to Jesus.

Guess what? We get to do it again soon!


The Next Chapter

September 4, 2012 — Leave a comment

The Next Chapter 1Is there a book that has shaped you? Maybe a particular story that inspired you to do something? There are a handful of books in our world that forever changed the course of human history. Plato’s Republic, Aristotle’s Ethics, the works of Shakespeare, Freud, Darwin. There are books that have launched wars, and that have set whole movements in motion. Something I’ve been thinking lately is, what if those books had never been written? I mean seriously, what kind of world would we live in if it weren’t for Dostoevsky, or Mark Twain, or Milton? What if Romeo and Juliet never existed – or worse, Hamlet? Would “to be or not to be” still be the question?

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