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IMG_2017I have a two year old named Isaiah. He’s going through this phase right now where he gets an idea in his head about how he wants something to happen and unless it goes down exactly like that – he gets upset. So he doesn’t just want his cup, he wants his mom to get his cup. If I get it, that won’t do. He will actually put it back how it was just to have mom get it for him.

Yesterday he was trying to climb out of his chair and sort of got himself in a precarious stuck position. A little too far from the ground, and yet too far down to try and get back in the seat. So he cried out “help!” I got up and lifted him onto the ground. But apparently he wanted mom to rescue him. So after his normal “Nooooo daddy” he climbed back up onto his seat and proceeded to intentionally put himself into the same precarious position as before – this time awaiting the rescue of his mom.

And it immediately struck me – sometimes the rescue we want doesn’t come in the form we expect.

Have you ever done that? Sometimes I cry out to God for rescue, for provision, for restoration – and yet what I actually want is for God to do things exactly the way that I dreamed it up in my head. Because my plan is better. I don’t just want for God to provide, I want Him to provide in exactly the way that I’m planning.

It seems to me that to cry out to God for rescue means to admit my inability to accomplish the task on my own. I need Him. Hence the crying out part. So why do I think then that I get to determine how that rescue unfolds? Why do I think that God should simply grab the script I’ve written and carry it through to completion?

Funny how we do that.

It makes me wonder how many times God has provided rescue for me and I’ve completely missed it because I was too busy waiting for it to happen the way that I wanted it to happen. And as I look back on some of the dumb things I’ve done I wonder how many times I’ve been rescued only to put myself back into the same dumb situation again wanting and waiting for something I had already received?

Maybe today the rescue you are waiting for has already happened. Maybe your next step is right in front of you and while it isn’t exactly what you had hoped for – it’s the next step. May you have the clarity to see when your rescue arrives, and the courage to accept it for what it is.


Jeremy Copeland

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2 responses to Rescue

  1. Love how the little guy is shaping you. Ha ha. Awesome post.

  2. He is really amazing. So much fun.

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