The world is broken… for now.

April 17, 2013 — 4 Comments

It seems like we continue to get reminders every so often about the brokenness of the world. This time, from Boston. But it’s not just the news is it? I was sick all day Monday this week and didn’t want to move. Today my daughter is undergoing surgery even as I write this.

Pain. Sickness. Relational friction. Bombs.

It’s easy to grow cynical and jaded. It’s easy to believe that there must not be a God, or at least He must not care.

But then we see pictures of people running toward explosions seconds after they happen. We see doctors who are doing everything they can to comfort people and to fix what’s broken.

The world is full of bad news. But it’s even more full of good news. For every bomber there are thousands who are celebrating life by running a marathon.

In Romans 8 we are told that all of creation groans with the pains of childbirth. But as Bono told us a long time ago – “There’s always pain before the child is born.”

I choose to believe that this isn’t the end. That the pain and struggle simply tells us that it isn’t over.

Don’t let the cynicism win today. Choose to focus on what is good. And while you’re at it, be part of what is good with the world today.


Jeremy Copeland

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4 responses to The world is broken… for now.

  1. Thanks for this. A lot has happened this week in my little world, not just Boston, and I really needed to hear this. You always have just the right words. Praying for my beautiful cousin and the rest of your amazing family. <3

  2. Thank you for your fresh insight in difficult times. Give baby Joy a big hug from us!

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