What keeps you up at night?

March 31, 2014 — 6 Comments

It’s 12:32am. My alarm will go off in less than four and a half hours. And I can’t sleep.

Tonight my mind is racing. It doesn’t help that I took a two hour nap pretty late in the day today. But mainly it’s my thoughts running a hundred miles an hour.

As a kid I remember being so excited some nights that I couldn’t sleep. The night before Christmas. The night before camp, or before a big game. You know what kids don’t do? They don’t stay up late replaying the tapes of all the conversations they had that day, or reliving the past and wishing they could change something. I love that about them. They are almost always forward focused – dreaming, excited about what the next day will bring.

Somewhere along the line our memories become stronger than our dreams. We lose that child-like excitement for life and for what could be. I hope your dreams are stronger than your memories. I hope the future pulls harder than the past for you.

Tonight, it’s my dreams keeping me up and not my memories. And that feels pretty good.

What keeps you up at night?


Jeremy Copeland

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6 responses to What keeps you up at night?

  1. I love that you are open and teachable to the dreams God brings to you. 🙂

  2. “Somewhere along the line our memories become stronger than our dreams”

    I am taking notes on that one. If it ends up in a song, I’ll throw you a co writing credit LOL.

  3. Indigestion and dogs barking 😀

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