August 25, 2014 — 4 Comments

Have you ever noticed how when you get a new car, you suddenly see that same car everywhere? Did everyone all of a sudden buy the same car, or is it possible that you just became aware of something that before went pretty much unnoticed?

Here’s a question – if God were doing something amazing in your life right now, would you notice? I know that seems like an obvious question. But what if our focus is so much on the stress, the pain, the struggle, etc. that we completely miss the movement of God right under our noses?


Jeremy Copeland

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4 responses to Awareness

  1. Great reminder! So many, many times I have focused on the bad stuff and nearly missed the blessings. It is more easy to see the good in hindsight. However, learning to recognize the blessings in the hear and now is a practiced and learned skill. Still learning…

  2. Perfect and perfect timing. I’m not missing a thing! Major leaps happening here 🙂

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